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Wine Barrel Saisons and Wild Ales

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

At SVBC one of our main goals is create beers that are complimentary to our environment and surroundings and that showcase the native flora and fauna around us. What does that mean? It means that all the beers should all feel like they belong here and are part of the experience. They should also use ingredients that are as local as possible. Most importantly, they should elevate the overall 'beer experience' that our guests will take away with them. So how do you do this, and why would anyone care?

First, we're extremely lucky to share our production facility with a winery. This is truly an endless source of inspiration for us and we're always looking for ways that the two processes can cross-pollinate.

Our 'Yellow Door' Saison is fermented and aged in the oak barrels that once held our wines. This adds a very unique character that we wouldn't get any other way. In the near future we will also referment this beer on grapes, tart cherries, paw paws, persimmons and anything else we can harvest or forage from the area.

Finally, while our Wild Ale and Spontaneous Fermentation program is in it's infancy we have begun the process of collecting and studying wild yeasts we've captured from all around the property and region. We will also be employing a Koleschip that we will use to hold and cool our wort overnight. This will let whatever wild yeast are in the air at that time inoculate our beer and provide everything necessary to turn that wort into beer. Stay tuned as we'll talk more about this as these beers mature and are ready for sale.

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